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Professional Denture Cleaning

Did you know denture teeth are prone to plaque and tartar buildup, much like your natural teeth? Then, when plaque hardens, it forms tartar which can cause significant damage to your dental tissues. This can then result in a number of other issues, including bad breath and excessive bacteria. 

Regular Denture Cleaning helps keep tartar and plaque at bay and keep your dentures in good condition for as long as possible. Once tartar has formed, however, your regular cleaning won’t do the trick. That’s when Professional Denture Cleaning is necessary and it’s time to give us a call! 

Denture Bleaching Trays

If your dentures aren’t as white and bright as they used to be, professional denture whitening trays from Smile Big Denture Clinic can help restore your dentures to their best, brightest appearance! Our Custom Bleaching Trays fit precisely to your unique dentures so no spots are missed. 

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How often do I need to clean my dentures?

If you wear Removable Dentures, they should be cleaned at least once a day, just like your natural teeth. Speak with your Denturist for detailed advice about cleaning your dentures.

Can I whiten my dentures?

Yes, with the help of our Custom Bleaching Trays, you can whiten your dentures and get them looking their best!