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Denture Implants Offer More Stability for Denture Wearers

Some patients struggle with the fit and feel of conventional dentures and have difficulty keeping them in place while they eat, chew, and speak. For these patients, Dentures On Implants can offer far more stability and versatility than traditional dentures.

By placing Dental Implants in the jawbone, dentures can be securely attached to these implants, which gives them a lot more stability, similar to how natural teeth work. With Removable Dentures (or Snap-In Dentures) from Smile Big Denture Clinic, you will be able to eat with more confidence, stability, and security than ever before.

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Are Denture Implants painful?

When you have Denture Implants placed in your jawbone, you will be under anesthesia so you should not experience any pain. You may have some discomfort as you recover from this procedure, but your Denturist and Dentist will provide you with everything you need to manage any pain.

How many Dental Implants are needed for the upper jaw?

Typically, the most implants you will ever need for the upper or lower jaw is eight. In a few cases, it could be as few as two, but it is usually at least four.