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Same-Day Dentures for Immediate Results

Before tooth extraction surgery, one of the biggest concerns many patients have is how long they will have to go without teeth before their final denture can be placed. Thanks to the help of Immediate Dentures, they don’t have to wait a single day!

Same-Day Dentures are designed to be put in immediately after tooth extraction surgery. Your Denturist will work with your Dentist to ensure your Immediate Dentures are ready for you after surgery. Then, after your tooth extraction sites are healed in about six months, your final denture can be placed. Most patients choose to switch to a more permanent solution and replace their Immediate Dentures once adequately healed.

Healing After Tooth Extraction Surgery

Here are some tips for recovering from tooth extraction surgery:

  • Keep your Immediate Dentures in for the first 24 hours after tooth extractions. If you take them out before this, the tissues can swell more, and you may not be able to get your Immediate Dentures back in.
  • Continue taking any prescribed medication as well as any pain medication your Denturist recommends.
  • Expect some swelling and discomfort and speak with your Dentist or Denturist if you cannot manage your pain.
  • Eat soft, high-calorie foods while you heal.
  • When your extraction sites are adequately healed (usually one to six weeks after surgery), temporary liners known as tissue conditioners can be placed on your Same-Day Dentures.
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Are Same-Day Dentures permanent?

Immediate Dentures are meant to be temporary and are typically replaced by Permanent Dentures once your tissues are adequately healed.

Can I get my tooth extractions and dentures on the same day?

For about 95% of patients, it is possible to get Same-Day Dentures if proper molds and measurements can be taken.