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If you require dentures — this is the place to go. Umesh is a true professional who obviously loves his chosen career or, should we say, “art.” Umesh has a natural talent for precision. His dentures are quality-made. I must add that he made dentures for my uncle, who has dementia, and Umesh is very empathetic and caring with seniors. I would highly recommend Dr. Umesh to seniors and those in the community because he is fluent in the English language. Umesh was a “ray of sunshine” in this sometimes covid-crazy time. Best in my lifetime.
~Eddie De Bartolo 

I want to thank you for the dentures you made for my mom. She is very pleased and thankful to you for her dentures. They fit really well, and l appreciate your fantastic service and care. Thanks again for an excellent job.
~Pawan Bajwa



My name is Deborah Singh, and I am 53 years of age. I am from a country called Guyana in South America. I want to say that growing up in Guyana, I never knew the importance of teeth and how to care for them until I lost all of them. For the past 4 years, I have been wearing both upper and lower dentures. I was very shy and couldn’t accept losing all my teeth until I met Umesh Prabhu. He is one of the best individuals I have ever met. Very approachable, kind, helpful, sincere, and honest. He explained to me why I needed to extract the rest of my teeth and have complete dentures. Umesh is very precise in his work, and his procedures are very understandable. He gave me the best-fitting dentures. Now I have the best smile. I can eat almost everything – chew corn, chicken bones, etc. He did an excellent job, and you can rest assured he did the aftercare and any adjustments. He is there for you, ready to help. His advice was great, his work was excellent, his personality was awesome – Always with a smile! Words cannot describe his dedication to his job. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to have dentures. He is the best. Perfect fit!
~Deborah Singh


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