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Create a Full Smile with Partial Dentures

When patients come to us with one or several missing teeth, one of the solutions we discuss with them is Partial Dentures. Rather than replacing all of their natural teeth, Partial Dentures fill in the gaps where there are any missing teeth.

In addition to creating a fuller, more beautiful smile, this option can also help restore the jaw’s proper form and function. Without Partial Dentures in place, your existing teeth can begin to shift to compensate for gaps in your smile. With Partial Dentures, these gaps are filled so the teeth cannot shift and cause bite issues, pain, or other problems.

Patients love that Partial Dentures provide an easy and relatively inexpensive solution to their missing teeth. Are you curious if this option would suit you? Call us today to book a free consultation and find out.

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How much are Partial Dentures?

Some patients require a Partial Denture with one tooth, while others may require a denture with several denture teeth. The number of teeth on the device plays a big part in how much it costs. To find out more about what your Partial Denture will cost, call us to book a consultation.

Can you eat with Partial Dentures?

Yes! Most patients are able to eat with their Partial Dentures in, but it may take some adjusting. Start with soft foods when you’re getting used to your denture before experimenting with more difficult foods.